Co-curricular Activities

To balance the academic pursuits of our pupils, Focus Academy offers a wide variety of activities to complement our curriculum. These provide pupils with the opportunity to engage with new concepts, with one another and with the world around them. Here are some of the ways our co-curricular activities help students:

Better Time Management

Involvement in co-curricular activities at school teaches students about time management and prioritizing things in life – skills they will need as they transit into adults later in life.

Professional Skills

Our activities also build professional skills that a classroom alone cannot teach. Clubs like the debate club give our students public speaking practice while others like scouting teach our students values such as leadership and teamwork.

Relationship Skills

By getting involved in social activities, our children learn the appropriate ways to act in social situations. The activities are also fun and offer students the opportunity to make friends and spend time with students of similar interest.

Improved health

By participating in sports and activities such as swimming, our students reap the physical benefits of regular exercise. Sports have also been shown to increase children’s self-confidence and team-building skills.

Below are some of the co-curricular activities offered at Focus Academy.

Computer Lessons

Technology is taking over the world and it is now necessary to prepare and equip our children properly. Computer lessons let students develop skills that will help them make the most of adult life.

Focus Academy introduced Computer Lessons in May, 2012.

Our pupils start by learning Keyboard Skills and the Windows User Interface. Later they advance to Word Processing after they have mastered use of the mouse and typing without looking at their fingers. Finally, they get introduced to Spreadsheets, Msingi Pack and Elimu Pepe in class 6.

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Teaching children to swim and letting them swim regularly is beneficial to both their health and safety.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that improves strength, promotes heart & lung length and improves strength and flexibility.
Experience in the water is also valuable and greatly reduces the risk of water related emergencies.

Focus Academy offers swimming as an extra-curricular activity and takes part in inter-school competitions. Our students do well and have won a number of gold medals.


Scouting is an international voluntary, educational, non political Movement for young people open to all – boys and girls without distinction of origin, race, gender, and creed or ethnic/tribal background in accordance with the Purpose, Principles and Methods as conceived by the Founder, Lord Baden Powell.

Scouting in Kenya started on 24th November 1910. Its objective is the development of young people into responsible, active citizens, who will positively contribute towards societal progress.

The scouting movement has been alive and active since the school started. They take part in Founder’s Day celebrations and camps.


Having access to sports and games is necessary for every school age child. Sports and games provide numerous physical benefits such as preventing chronic diseases and maintaining a healthy weight.

In addition to the physical benefits, sports raise self esteem, increase mental alertness, improve social skills and teach children the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after leaving school.

Focus Academy offers athletics and football; we take part in inter-school competitions during which our pupils get to represent our Sub-County.

School Band

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. Musical training also has a number of benefits to the young mind. These include:

  • Musical training develops the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.
  • An enjoyable activity like music keeps students interested and engaged in school.
  • Performing in a musical band requires teamwork. Because of this, participants learn the value of teamwork and how to work together.
  • Performing music with the encourangement of teachers, parents and fellow students builds self confidence.

Focus Academy started a school band in 2016 and they graced the school’s thanksgiving and prize-giving day in January 2017.

French Lessons

After English, French is the most-learned language worldwide. Focus Academy introduced French in May, 2012.
Pupils start by learning Basic French Phrases regarding Greetings, Days of the week, Months of the year, Numbers 1 to 100.
Later, they advance to speaking about themselves, their family and school. They also learn to memorize and recite French poems.

Since 2013, our pupils have presented French poems at the County; Regional and National levels every year with great success during the Kenya National Music Festival.

Focus Academy has also been presenting other items besides French at the Kenya National Music Festival e.g. Scottish dance, Swahili and English poems – involving pupils drawn from pre-school, lower and upper primary. In 2016, our pupils took positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the national level of the Music Festival.

Music Festivals

Focus Academy has been taking part in music festivals for the past five years, during which it has presented items at the national level. The school has been presenting solo and choral verses in English and Kiswahili. The school has also been presenting solo and choral verses in French.

  • 2017 National Music Festivals

    The five items were presented on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July 2017 at Masinde Muliro University, Kakamega. The results were as follows:

    • French solo verse (Ann Wacucu) – Position 2
    • French solo verse (Cynthia Njeri) – Position 3
    • French choral verse two – Position 6
    • French choral verse one – Position 7
    • Pre unit, Kiswahili choral verse – Position 9
  • 2016 National Music Festivals

    They were held at Moi International sports centre, Kasarani. The school presented 7 items and the performance was as follows:

    • French solo verse(Ann Wacucu) – Position 1
    • Pre unit solo verse (Esther Kendi) – Position 2
    • French solo verse (Lucy Wainaina) – Position 3
    • Pre unit English choral verse – Position 4
    • Scottish dance – Position 4
    • French choral verse two – Position 4
    • French choral verse one – Position 7
Educational Trips
Every year, the school organizes educational trips for all classes. These trips are meant to enhance classroom teaching. The places of visit are organized depending on the class. The preschool pupils normally visit places where they can play and have fun.
Some of the places our pupils have visited in the last few years include: Nairobi, Mt. Longonot, Lake Nakuru and Aberdare national parks, Lake Bogoria Game Reserve, Ol Pejeta conservancy, Giraffe Centre , Mamba Village, Bomas of Kenya, Wilson Airport, Funcity Utawala, Animal Orphanage, Steadmark Gardens, Menengai Crater, Mombasa.