2017 National Music Festivals

2017 National Music Festivals

The group representing the school left on Sunday 9th July 2017 for Masinde Muliro University, Kakamega, the venue for this year’s national music festivals. The five items were presented on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July 2017.┬áThe results were as follows:

  • Pre unit, Kiswahili choral verse – position 9
  • French choral verse one – position 7
  • French choral verse two – position 6
  • French solo verse – Cynthia Njeri – position 3
  • French solo verse – Ann Wacucu – position 2

Apart from taking part in the festivals, this gave our pupils an opportunity to interact with other pupils from all over the country hence acquiring the sense of nationhood. This enables the learners to live together in harmony and foster patriotism, which is the first national goal of education in Kenya.

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